Historic Town Of Bramwell, West Virginia


Town History Overview:

Settled in the 1800s, the town of Bramwell, West Virginia is located eight miles north of Bluefield,West Virginia, adjacent to Route 52. Bramwell is seated 2300 feet above sea level in Mercer County, West Virginia. The Bluestone River surrounds the town in a horseshoe bend fashion and it was first known as Horse Shoe Bend in the early 1800s. The Town's namesake, J.H. Bramwell who arrived in Bramwell in 1883 was a New York civil engineer. As first postmaster of a post office that needed a legal label, he said, "Every little baby has a name, and this little town must have the same. I therefore name it Bramwell." Joseph H. became first president of the famed Bank of Bramwell, and a big-time real estate investor. After getting rich on real estate sales in Bramwell he left the town for Switzerland where he died in the 1890s. The town of Bramwell was incorporated in 1888 under a special charter granted by the Circuit Court of Mercer County with John D. Hewitt, Senior named as the first mayor.



Author/Editor: William A. Petty

You are invited to visit the town of Bramwell, WV and rekindle great memories of this nationally recognized historic town. Bramwell was named to the register of historic places in 1983.