Historic Town Of Bramwell, West Virginia



The Historic Bramwell site has been in development for 18 years. It is an attempt to document the history of this historic town and the many pioneers who helped develop the surrounding coal region. The site was initially underpened by material from the late Martha Jane Becker's book: "Bramwell - The Diary Of A Millionraire Coal Town".

A significant amount of material presented on this site was contributed by many of the students who attended Bramwell High School and local community residents. A large percentage of the material on this site is devoted to BHS and those who attended the school during the 100 years that it operated.

An average of 400 visitors view pages on this site daily (150,000 visitors per year). Materisl is graphic and is presented in over 1000 pages. Material on the Historic Bramwell site is updated daily. Credit for material posted on this site should be directed to those generous souls acknowledged above.


You are invited to visit the town of Bramwell, WV and rekindle great memories of this nationally recognized historic town. Bramwell was named to the register of historic places in 1983.