Julia Anne Burton Bailey

Life of Sinai Mountain Pioneer & Legend

Below is the life story of the father and mother of Alex "Pap" Bailey of Sinai Mountain, Goodwill, WV. Alex Bailey was a well known mine foreman for the Buckeye Coal & Coke Company that operated mines in Buckeye Hollow, near Freeman, WV. He was born on Mach. 7, 1874. His death came on Sept. 6, 1939 shortly after 12:00AM. He had just completed his eight hour second or evening (4:00 PM - 12:00) shift at the Buckeye mines. His wife, Lucinda "Cindy" Taylor died in 1949. Both are buried in the Bailey Cemetery that is located on a hill top about 1/4 mile from the Baiely home on Sinai Mountain near Goodwill, WV.

Alex "Pap" and Lucinda "Cindy" Bailey ( May 12, 1873 - June 21, 1949 ) had eight children: Charlie Lee (May 19, 1896) , Buster, Cletus (1902 -1949), Earnest "Pete", Della Mae Bailey Robinson (Jan 1, 1900 - 1972), Raymond (May 28, 1909 - 1986), Garland (1907 - 1985) and Avis Elizabeth Bailey Petty (Aug. 3, 1911 - Jan 9, 2000 ).

Julia Anne Burton Bailey: Birth: Apr. 29, 1856 at Lamar, West Virginia. (Lamar is an unincorporated community in Mercer and Wyoming counties, West Virginia, United States. Lamar is 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Matoaka.) Her death was July 9, 1942 at her home on Sinai Mtountain, Goodwill, West Virginia. This was a remarkable and courageous lady. Julia Anne Burton Bailey was married on March 11, 1873 to John Harrison Bailey, son of James M. and Sarah "Sally" Bailey. She was the daughter of Elias and Sarah "Sally" Stowers Burton. Julia Anne was the mother of seven children, her first were a set of twins, Alexander and Bell Zora born in 1874; a daughter Emma Zella born in 1877; a son George Kelly born in 1879; a son William P. born in 1880; a daughter, Jossie born in 1881 and a son Blackburn born in 1883. Julia and her husband John lived in Rock District in a community later called Lamar. By 1883, her brother, John Burton, his wife Martha and their children: James, Martha L., Sarah and a new infant not yet named lived nearby. Julia's widowed Mother Sarah was living with her by this time. In April of that year (1883 )there was a deadly epidemic of small pox throughout the district. John Burton was stricken and died on the 28th of April. Within days, John Harrison Bailey, Julia's husband, and her Mother Sarah were fighting for their lives from the same dreaded disease. On May 7th, Julia lost both her husband, and Mother on the same day. It would get even harder. Eight days later, Julia's young son William, aged 3 would pass and on May 15th, and on May 19th , her brother John's infant would die. The nightmare continued. On June 1st her little boy George Kelly died at the age of 4 years. A widow at 25, Julia had buried her brother, husband, Mother, two children, and a neice in the matter of 34 days. At the time, she was 8 months pregant with her 7th child. That child, Blackburn was born on July 8th. On October 28th of that fall Julia's little neice Sarah died from the pox at the age of 1 year. Seven members of her family were gone.

Julia was a strong woman. When able, she and her remaining children ranging in ages seven years to a newborn moved to Sinai Mountain. That area would later be called Goodwill. She was a pioneer settler of that region of Rock District. She farmed her own land and kept her famly together. Julia never remarried. She lived the remainder of her life on Sinai Mt. at Goodwill. She was highly respected, not only by her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, but by the entire rural community. She left many descendants. She was always referred to as "Big Grandma." Big Grandma lived to be an old lady; dying on July 9, 1942 in her 86th year. Her funeral was held on a Sunday afternoon at her home and then by her request, she was brought to Lamar, WV and buried by her family that she had lost so long ago. She is remembered for her great courage during such a tragic time and her fortitude to carry on.

John Harrison Bailey (1858 - 1883) Children: Alex "Pap" Bailey (1874 - 1939) George Kelley Bailey (1879 - 1883) William Bailey (1880 - 1883) Blackburn Bailey (1983 - 1957) John Harrison Bailey: Birth: 1858 Mercer County West Virginia, USA Death: May 7, 1883 Lamar Mercer County West Virginia, USA John Harrison Bailey died during a small pox epidermic along five other members of his wife's Burton family in a matter of about one month. He died the same day as his widowed mother-in-law and left his wife Julia Anne being eight months pregnant and several small children. Family links: Spouse: Julia Anne Burton Bailey (1856 - 1942) Children: Alex Bailey (1872 - 1939), George Kelley Bailey (1879 - 1883), William Bailey (1880 - 1883) Blackburn Bailey (1983 - 1957) - buried in the Burton Cemetery, Lamar, Mercer County, West Virginia. Alex Bailey is buried in the Bailey Family Cemetery on Sinai mountain, Goodwill, WV.

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( Note: The Certificate of Death was signed by Bramwell's pioneer Dr. Homer Luttrell.)

Julia Anne Burton Bailey at her home on Sinai Mountain, Goodwill, WV

( 1856 - 1942 )

Photograph furnished by: Helen Bailey