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Bramwell's beloved Melvin Goins passed away on July 29, 2016.


Town of Bramwell, WV Year 2019 Town Council Election Results:
By : CHARLES BOOTHE Bluefield Daily Telegraph Jun 12, 2019 BRAMWELL —

Bramwell Mayor Lou Stoker retained her position, and two newcomers will serve on town council. Municipal elections were held Tuesday in the town. Stoker, who has been mayor for 12 years, was challenged by Michelle Cook. Stoker received 78 votes to Cook’s 35. Town Council had five seats up for grabs with eight contenders. Incumbents Kelly Murphy Eller, Kelly Goins and Rufus Morgan were reelected. Eller garnered 79 votes, Goins received 73 and Morgan 50. The two newcomers on council will be Susan Lance Troutner, who received 59 votes, and John Petrulis, with 47 votes. Incumbent Mandy Fink did not retain her seat, getting 44 votes. The other contenders were Michelle Bourdua, who garnered 35 votes, and Cherish Weeks, who received 22 votes. One seat that had to be filled was vacant after a resignation. Town recorder Lara Sitler ran unopposed for that office and she had 82 votes.

BRAMWELL HIGH SCHOOL PURCHASED (March 18, 2013): The new owners of the Bramwell School complex are Julie & Eric Dunham and Bruce & Cristal Hutton. The new owners are repairing and restoring the school for use as the Bramwell High School ATV Lodge.

DATELINE (25 March 2013): Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV: Old high school gets new life as Bramwell ATV lodge: By CHARLES OWENS Bluefield Daily Telegraph. The old Bramwell High School will soon become a refuge for ATV riders and their families. Hoping to address one of the greatest needs facing the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system, plans are now underway to convert the old Bramwell High School into a new ATV resort and lodge. The old school was officially purchased by a group of ATV riders last week. “I’m a part of a group of guys — 10 of us who come down and ride the trail system each year,” Eric Dunham, of the Hedgesville community in the state’s Eastern Panhandle, said. “We had the brainstorm to buy (a structure). We came down to look at some houses and ran across the building.” Dunham said the old school is now being called the Bramwell High School ATV Lodge. “We think our first phase will be concentrated around the high school part and getting some rooms up and ready to go,” Dunham said. “It’s just going to have to be done in steps. As I get one room open I’m going to start filling that room.” Dunham said extensive renovations will be needed to the old high school. But he hopes to have rooms ready for occupancy as quickly as possible. “I would like to have it ready tomorrow, but today is my first day in town,” Dunham said last Thursday. “I just don’t know the extent until I get an electrician up to get the power back on. I would like to think I can have something up and going in two months.” Dunham said the real estate agent told him the old school consists of approximately 85,000 square feet. “But that is all four buildings together — the gym, the office building and the high school together,” he said. The new ATV resort and lodge is urgently needed, Bramwell Mayor Louise Stoker said. Although the seven-county trail system has been a significant success story for southern West Virginia, its growth has been hampered by a lack of lodging facilities for out-of-town ATV riders. Stoker said the new ATV lodge will help. “It will fill a need, and it will be available to people coming here on the first stop from the south,” Stoker said. “This is the first stop on I-77 after Ohio.” Stoker said the old high school last operated as a K-5 school when it was closed in 2004. “We are very excited about the new owners of the building,” Stoker said.

BRAMWELL NEWS FROM BETTY GOINS ( OCT. 2010): At the present time there is only one B&B in town...and that would be Pamela's B&B which is in the Meyer house on Brick Street, across from Dr. Luttrell's house. All of the other B&Bs have closed. There are a couple of apts. on Main Street known as Main Street Suites, but they don't rent in the winter time because of heating issues. These are really nice, though, and they are certainly enjoyed in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Actually, there are 3 apts. in this section of town...2 large bedrooms, large living room and dining room, complete kitchen, and full bath, with the old fashioned claw foot tub. Really nice, but access is by stairs. Also, the apt. over the bank is often rented, but not in the winter. The Bank of Bramwell is now for sale so that property will change if there are new owners.

In the Freeman area, where the old Booth Bowen Company Store was located, which was torn down and the Freeman Post Office was erected, there is a 2 bedroom facility now in the building. They are rented to mostly ATVers, and this week a crew of 4 will be in town to begin working on the ATV Hatfield/McCoy trail which will be located at the old Buckeye Tipple area on US 52 about 2 miles or less from Bramwell corporate limits. There is work also in the Freeman area of another place forATVers and that isn't completed yet, but should be within the month or so. It is located on the same side of the other, just across from where the old rail line used to run, and now the site of the Bramwell Pop Shop Convenience Store. Just down the road from the Bramwell Baptist Church, now called Riverside Baptist, is another location for ATVers. This place doesn't have an actual name, except called Mullins Place, and they send their visitors into town to eat at the Bramwell Cafe' all of the time.
Also, the Bryant/Newbold Pharmacy, also known as the Corner Shop opened for business last week. The owners have done a tremendous amount of work in the building and have restored it to its original looks...complete with a soda jerk! It is all so very nostalgic and Bramwell folks are delighted.

In March 2010 the "Blue" Bridge on the East end of the Town of Bramwell will be will be dedicated in memory and honor of the Bramwell pioneers Yon and Peraldo families. The "Blue" Bridge crosses the Bluestone River toward Bramwell High School from downtown Bramwell and is presently painted blue. It is one of three bridges in Historic Bramwell that crosses the horseshoe bend in Bluestone River.

Mr. Leo Carl Peraldo, 94, of 127 Bluestone Avenue (PO Box 246), Bramwell, died on Monday, Nov. 25, 2002, at his residence. He was born on Oct. 10, 1908, in Italy, he was a son of Mauro and Maurillia Yon Sotta Peraldo. He was the last surviving member of his family. He had been a resident of Bramwell for 89 years and was a member of the Bramwell Presbyterian Church. He was a graduate of Bramwell High School and obtained additional musical training in New York. He was a retired violin teacher.

In 2009 the Duhring Street Bridge bridge at the end of Brick Street (where the brick ends) was named the Kate Hewitt Bridge.

In 2008 the Swinging Bridge to Coopers was named for the famous african american poet, Anne Bethel Spencer (1882-1975) . She lived in Bramwell for sometime during her childhood.

In 2010 the bridge that is at the end of Block Street toward Coopers was named the Phoebe Goodwill Memorial Bridge.

A Great Bramwell Memory:

Hole-in-one reminds me of those great doughnuts that Alfred Craft and his sons Charles and George made and sold in Bramwell years ago. The company was known as Hole-In-One Donuts. Those doughnuts were the standard by which all others should be judged per Wilson Butt, a resident of Bluefield, is a retired Department of Highways official.








Bramwell High School Closed - June 2004

Those of us who attended Bramwell High School often reflect on the great education that we received at this wonderful school. The school was rated as one of the top high schools in WV during the 1950s. Out lives have been so enriched by education provided by the school's outstanding faculty. We mourn the loss of such a historic educational institution and share the pain of all those who attended Bramwell during the 108 years that it remained open. However, our memories of this great institution are cherished and everlasting. It was truly be a sad day when the school's doors closed for the last time.





16 APR.00 - PRINCETON, WV-- Highway officials have told the members of the King Coal Highway Authority that the King Coal High-way from Huntington to Bluefield is going to take 10 to 20 years. This construction would also upgrade U.S. Route 52 through Bramwell, WV. See today's On-Line Bluefield Daily Telegraph for details.

15 APR.00 - WELCH ,WV -- In a historic announcement for McDowell County, West Virginia Division of Highways Commissioner Sam Beverage said Friday that the Coalfields Expressway will be advertised for construction today. When the expressway is completed, residents of McDowell County will be able to travel from Welch to Beckley in less than 30 minutes. The Coalfields Expressway will interchange with Interstate 73/74 at Indian Ridge in Welch. The construction of I-73, which is the long-awaited replacement of U.S. Route 52, is expected to begin this summer. See today's On-Line Bluefield Daily Telegraph for details.

10 APR. 00 - LOST & FOUND: -- A 1958 Bramwell High School Class Ring with initials R.M was found in Belle Haven, VA in 1964. A miracle has happened and the ring has been returned to the BHS graduate that once wore it.

10 APR. 00 - Latest Town News: A new "Antique Shop" opened in April 2000 next to the Post Office on Main Street in Historic Bramwell. The "Touch Of Glass" shop also recently opened on Historic Bramwell's Main Street. The reopening of the recently closed Corner Shop could become a reality in the near future.

Look for the April issue of the "Wonderful West Virginia Magazine" featuring "Bramwell's Resilience". When this issue is posted on the Internet it will be featured as the "Link -Of-The-Week"on this site. The April issue has been published but it is not presently on the Internet.

2 Apr 00 - Richmond,VA -- The Town of Bramwell was featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today as it's U.S. Focus article. The title of the article was "Millionaire mansions dot West Virginia (Bramwell - Like stepping back in time)". The story is part of the Associated Press' focus on historic towns. This information was furnished the Historic Bramwell Site by Buddy Kirby, BHS Class '54.

29 Mar 00 - FALLS MILLS, Va. -- The completion of a $10.6 million highway project and and Bowling Bridge was celebrated yesterday in Falls Mills. A moving tribute was paid to driving force behind the Route 102 improvement project - Clyde Bowling. See complete details in this mornings on-line edition of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

23 Jan. 00 - View Historic Bramwell's recently refurbished SWINGING BRIDGE .

1 Apr.00 - ....Princeton Woman's Olympic Dream Comes True ...

1 Apr.00 - ....WV - VA YEAR - 2000 COAL SUTTLE RUN DETAILS ...

1 Feb 00- Sources report that work is continuing on the restoration project for the Bluestone High School building. Mr. Gullion reports that the Fry Roofing company should complete the roof work this week. The windows have been covered to protect the inside of the building. Paint colors chosen were the school colors of green and white . Sources report that a meeting of the Restoration Committee is planned for January. Donations to help in this restoration project are also being received by the Restoration Committee. More details concerning the RESTORATION OF BLUESTONE HIGH SCHOOL are found here. Also featured is a well known Bluestone Graduate you don't want to miss.

10 Apr. 00 - Initiatives are moving forward on bringing the new Public Water System to The Town of Bramwell. There is no information on when this water will appear in Bramwell's houses. In Dec. 99 the town residents voted 128 to 11 in favor of connecting the Bramwell Water System with the Bluewell Public Water System. The Bureau for Public Health is providing a $1.1 million loan offer to the Bluewell Public Service District to help pay the cost of taking over Town of Bramwell and Bluewell Community water systems.

There is a serious effort underway to extend the Coal Heritage Tour Train into Fayette County. The President of the Coal Heritage Board, Ken Beard is reported to be spearheading this effort. VIEW OF THE LAST TRAIN TO BRAMWELL

Bramwell Historic District Tour Information :
Around the turn of the 20th century, some 14 millionaire coal barons lived in this tiny town of Victorian and Tudor mansions. Now, Bramwell offers self-guided walking tours and prearranged group tours as well as Spring and Christmas tours of the Town's Historic Homes. Around the turn of the 20th century, some 14 millionaire coal barons lived in this tiny Historic Town of beautiful Victorian and Tudor mansions.