DR. J. C. NEWBOLD (1883-1976 )

The year is approximately 1947 and Dr. J. C. Newbold was standing in front of the Historic Issaic T. Mann House. At that time he owned the Historic Hewitt House that is located beside the Mann House. Dr. Newbold was a well know prominent resident of The Town of Bramwell. He owned a string of movie theaters in southern West Virginia, including the Bramwell Theater and also owned the Historic Bramwell Pharmacy.

Dr. Newbold attended pharmaceutical college in Louisville, Kentucky where he met Dr. Simeon Joseph " Doc" Bryant ( 1865 - 1939 ) another pharmacy student. Upon graduation they came to Bramwell together as pharmacists for the Bryant Company. Bryant's Pharmacy was first established in 1892 and rebuilt in 1910 following the Town of Bramwell Fire. S. J. Bryant was listed as pharmacy manager with J. C. Newbold and S. J. Bryant, pharmacists.

Dr. Newbold's full name is John Clyde Newbold and he was a druggist by profession. Dr. Newbold was born July 26, 1883 in Jefferson County, PA. Dr. Newbold died Nov. 8, 1976 and is buried in the Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery, Fostburg, PA. He was the son of Tobias S. Newbold, who was born June 1837 in Pennyslvania and Rosa I. ( born Nov. 1859 in PA). Dr. Newbold's parents, Tobias and Rosa were married in 1880, They had six children. Two of their children were John Clyde Newbold and Olive V. Newbold.

Below information was provided by: Vaughn Cassell, Wytheville, VA :

Email: 15. June 2011 - Vaughn Cassell: "I was browsing on Rootsweb.com and came across this family. You (Historic Bramwell Site) have listed a John C. Newbold, born in 1883 born in PA. I believe this is the same Dr. John C. Newbold, Pharmacist, in Bramwell, Mercer County, WV (...West Virginia...). He died in November 1976 at age 93. He worked in Bryant Drugstore and I believe owned an interest in this business or possibly wholy owned the store. He also owned an interest in a movie theater chain with the Keesling family. "

"I now own a Stienway square grand piano that was owned by Dr. Newbold and was purchased, at auction, from his estate in 1979. He never married and therefore he did not have any direct descendants."

Second Email: 16. Juni 2011- Vaughn Cassell: "He wrote music and I have one piece of his sheet music about his home in PA. I understand that he was engaged to be married and his future bride died just prior to the wedding and therefore he never married. He had a large black dog that was his constant companion. He liked to play the piano. That is about all I know about Dr. Newbold of Bramwell, Mercer County, WV. He is not related and the only reason I was interested in him is the fact I have his piano. I have not objection to you attaching my e-mail to the file. There is a picture of him standing beside an automobile c.1946 on the Bramwell, WV website. He was well loved by the people in that town.
Dr. Newbold's dog was named Satin"

Dr. J. C. Newbold's Parents:

Tobias S. Newbold (1837 - 1915) - Rosilia Ida "Rosa" Swisher Newbold (1859 - 1943)




Dr. J. C. Newbold grave marker at Hopewell Cemetery, Frostburg, PA.

Note: Death information contributed by: Christian Frese.

This 1873 Steinway square grand piano once stood in the Historic Bramwell home of Dr. J. C. Newbold. Dr. Newbold loved to play the piano and he composed music on this piano about his birthplace in Pennsyvalnia. Students from Bramwell High School sometimes played this piano in his Bramwell home. The piano was originally purchased new from the Steinway company and shipped April 4, 1873 to the home of William Ramsay in Greenville, TN. It is believed that it remained the Ramsay home until purchased by Dr. Newbold, perhaps in the 1930s. This antique Steinway piano was sold for $2750.00 at Dr. Newbold's estate sale in 1979.

The piano was purchased from the Newbold Estate in 1979 by Albert Bailey "Shorty" Johnson of Pocahontas, VA and given to his daughter Virginia Lucille Johnson Cassell at the same time. Virginia passed away on December 9, 2010. It remained at the Cassell home in Wytheville, VA from that time until it was purchased and transported to the Petty home in Amissville, VA on Dec. 30, 2011.

( This photograph furnished by Vaughn Cassell )